LEAD TIME and Made To Order Basketweave Item UPDATE

LEAD TIME and Made To Order Basketweave Item UPDATE

We are proud to say that we have reduced our lead times for the majority of items at this point. Quick ship items (see blog post for list) typically ship within 1-2 DAYS of order (sometimes the SAME DAY).  Made to order items in plain black or our 6 primary color offering typically ship within 2-5 days.  Basketweave made to order items may experience delays currently while we work out material supply issues.
Mounting Double Mag Cases to AR Mag Cases

Mounting Double Mag Cases to AR Mag Cases

Making room on your belt/vest is important these days with the amount of gear needed.  Many departments have authorized patrol rifles and folks need a place to carry a spare mag.  We include the ability to mount your DMP to an AR mag case in order to save footprint.  If you want to do this, order the DMP with malice clips (base price level) and the AR with Tek-Lok for duty belt or malice clips for molle vests.  You can leave a note to seller prior to adding one of the items to your cart that you will be mounting them together and we can leave the attachments off so you can set it up how you want.


1. Mount the DMP to the AR mag case by holding the threaded post (female) inside the DMP:

2. Using a thin barrel Phillips head screwdriver, insert the screw through the AR case into the DMP (repeat times 4):

3. Once all 4 screws are holding the 2 cases together, hold a threaded post inside the AR mag case facing out the back and place a screw through the tek-lok (or malice clip) to affix the attachment (repeat times 4):



Mark 2 OC Can Cases

Mark 2 OC Can Cases

Mark 2 OC Can Cases are now available in the OC Can Case product listing!  A couple things to keep in mind:

- Mark 2 is the smallest size - by DIAMETER (1.375" ), not necessarily by height.

- Mark 3 and Mark 4 share 1.5" diameter but Mark 3 is shorter (height varies by brand).

- Some brands do NOT hold to industry standard sizing and may call their cans Mark 3 when they are ACTUALLY a Mark 2 so double check your can's diameter.

Mark 2 (1.375") :          Mark 3 & Mark 4 (1.5") :


Known OC Can Case fit by brand:

Fox Labs - Mark 2 case

Aerko/Freeze +P and Punch II short cans - Mark 2 case

Sabre Red - matches Mark sizing - check diameter.

Aerko Freeze +P tall can - Mark 4 case

Def Tec - matches Mark sizing - check diameter.

CTS - matches Mark sizing - check diameter.


*** Email us at with questions on what case to order ***


Silver Tan Update - Some carriers are different than others.
Glock 45cal Double and Triple Mag Pouches Live!

Glock 45cal Double and Triple Mag Pouches Live!


We just put the GLOCK 45cal double and triple mag cases live on the website.  They are in stock for plain black currently and available for pre-sale in basketweave.  As we get the parts in and assembled for the basketweave they will begin shipping. 

Need Additional Hardware or Attachments?

Need Additional Hardware or Attachments?

We have a dedicated product listing for additional hardware and attachments!  Need extra or replacement screws and threaded posts?  Need extra retention screw sets?  Check out our Additional Hardware and Attachments listing!
New Solid Color Ordering Process

New Solid Color Ordering Process

The new solid colors are available to order NOW!  The colors listed below are available in each product listings' FINISH drop down menu so you can select them directly without needing to add other items to your cart.  Many product listings had to be split in order to fit all the new variants so double check the model you need before placing your order - if you have any questions about where to find a product please contact us at  Cases in these solid colors are + $5 each.  Please see the color wheel (this post's featured image) for examples of the 6 colors.


- Coyote

- FDE (Flat Dark Earth)

- OD Green (Olive Drab Green)

- Ranger Green

- Silver Tan (Desert Tan) ***SEE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION HERE ***

- Wolf Grey


We are still not going to be doing blue.... there are just too many shades to try and match all of them and none of the darker, navy style blues are available in kydex/boltaron which means the made to order line would not be available regardless of color matching the injection molded line.  We firmly believe that all the navy blue (midnight navy, dark navy, LAPD navy etc) carriers on the market match very well with black cases.  Please see our instagram feed and Molle Vest highlight for examples of navy blue vests with our black cases on them.


As always, thanks and be safe.

Quick Ship Product Update 3/2020

Quick Ship Product Update 3/2020

We've been busy updating our quick ship product offerings!  The list of products here are currently "quick ship" items.
The DOOR JAMM Now Available!

The DOOR JAMM Now Available!

Now available at Zero9 Holsters - the Door Jamm.
October 20, 2017 by Ryan Allen
Handcuff Cases are Here!

Handcuff Cases are Here!

At long last, the Zero9 Holsters handcuff cases are here!  Designed to securely hold your handcuffs while keeping them readily at hand for a quick draw, our handcuff cases are as close to universal as you will find in a kydex handcuff case! 


You can choose from standard sized (chain & hinge) or ASP (chain & hinge) as well as your choice of malice clips or tek-lok attachments.


We have tested them with several of the currently available standard sized handcuffs however we know that there are definitely other brands/models out there that may not fit.  We will gladly have you send the cuff case back to us for a refund (we'll ask you for feedback on what brand/model didn't fit so we can keep track).


Head here to pick up your handcuff case today!