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Utility / Bodyworn Camera System Case Info

Utility / Bodyworn System Cases

Utility/Bodyworn has several different cell phones in use with their camera systems currently.  We have cases for most if not all of them although they tend to add new cell phones quite often.  The pictures below should help you make a decision on which case you need.  Match your cell phone to the picture and the text on the picture will direct you to the correct case.  The listing for the Bodyworn System Cases is HERE.


Bodyworn Case #1 - This is the oldest cell phone system in use currently - it often goes by the name Motorola G7 although we're told they are also sold under different model numbers so check the camera placement on the back to match it to this pic:

Zero9 Bodyworn Case #1

Bodyworn Case #2 - This case covers 2 or 3 models (2 are pictured here) - the key to this case is that the camera on the back is on the left side as you look at the back of the phone.  The cell phones for this case are often referred to as the Motorola ONE and the Motorola G Power (with the camera on the left). The cameras may be in different configurations/shapes but the case keys in on the magnet sleeve which Utility uses for both configurations:

Zero9 Case for Utility / Bodyworn Case #2   Zero9 Case for Utility / Bodyworn Case #2

Bodyworn Case #3 - This case fits what is often called the Motorola G Power - but with the camera in the center on the back of the phone.

Zero9 Case for Utility / Bodyworn Case #3


Please email us ahead of ordering if you have any questions after comparing your system to these pics - Utility uses new cameras all the time and they may have shipped you a new system without saying anything.  We've also seen them ship different cell phones to the same agency in the same batch so it is important to verify each phone to ensure the right case is ordered.


If you want to keep the remote on your belt or vest instead of wearing it as a watch or wrapping it around a molle channel - our remote case is for you!