VDMSR Review of the Stinger 2020 and our Stinger 2020 Case
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VDMSR Review of the Stinger 2020 and our Stinger 2020 Case

Our friends at VDMSR just posted a review of our new Stinger 2020 case in connection with their review of the Stinger 2020 itself.  Click the link below for the entire review and picture set!  Excerpt:


"A while ago I found out that Streamlight released their Stinger 2020 Flashlight and I knew I wanted to upgrade my ten-year-old Stinger DS LED HL (which I'll be reviewing soon) because its rechargeable battery finally failed and started leaking, and as I've said before, rechargeable flashlights are the way of the future.  Streamlight finally listened to their end-users, something which I have been repeatedly pointing out they are not been doing in the past.  So I decided that I wanted to get the new Stinger 2020 because I have been using a Stinger flashlight on duty since I came on the job, originally was an incandescent Stinger, which they call the Stinger Classic now.  The only missing piece to the puzzle was that I needed a good duty-grade holster as Streamlight didn't provide one and the one they do make really sucks.  I knew that Zero9Holsters was going to be making one from their IG posts and I DM'd them seeing when they were going to have one coming out.  I have been following since I purchased a police radio holster for duty and they also sent me a 3-magazine Glock pouch that I've used on and off.  I asked if they would send me one of these Stinger 2020 holsters and they only had a prototype available, which is fine for initial impressions purposes."


Link to full review: