The DOOR JAMM Now Available!
Door Jamm

The DOOR JAMM Now Available!

Now available here at Zero9 Holsters - The Door Jamm! 

The DoorJamm is a convenient tool for first responders to prevent doors and gates from closing behind them. This valuable tool is light, flexible, fits in almost any pocket, and deploys in seconds. It is inexpensive and stretches to fit most types of doors and gates. Plus, it's weatherproof, resists abrasion and stretches long enough to fit around almost any security door. Make a small investment for your safety on a reusable tool that saves precious time when seconds count.... Stop looking for things to block open a door! You don't need to rely on stuffing an FI card or a business card into the lock. You don't need to look for a trash can, a rug, or a brick anymore. You don't need to put strips of duct tape on your flash light. No more improvising with scraps of cardboard and rubber bands.


The DOOR JAMM is another LEO owned small business product and will be great for stocking stuffers, gifts for shift-mates or loved ones - you can't put a price on your safety! Make sure your backup can get to you!