Stinger 2020 and Bezel Down Flashlight Cases
Stinger 2020 Cases are Here!
Bezel down flashlight cases are here by popular demand.  The first models will be for the Nightstick TAC-400 (should also fit the other lights in the 300, 400 and 500 series) and the Streamlight Stinger 2020.
The Stinger 2020 case will feature adjustable retention and the ability to carry the light bezel up OR bezel down in the same case.  The case will follow our finish and attachment pattern for all other duty gear items to include plain black and basketweave immediately and our other colors soon.  Tek-loks for duty belt mounting or a molle-lok for molle vest mounting will be offered for the attachments.
The TAC-400 case is bezel down only, also features adjustable retention and is available in plain black with either a tek-lok or molle-lok initially.  Depending on popularity we will add basketweave and colors down the road.
We will be adding additional models as we go, the Surefire Fury and Pelican 7060 series will be coming soon.