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Peacekeeper RCB Baton Cases on Pre-Order

As of 10/5/2022 the baton cases for the Peacekeeper RCB batons will be active on the site HERE for PRE-ORDER. The cases will be in line with our ASP baton cases and available initially in plain black and basketweave only.  Our standard 6 color offerings will be available later this year.


These cases will fit all 4 RCB baton lengths but is designed to work best with the 24" and 26" batons.  The 21" will fit but sit lower in the case and the 29" will fit but will have more grip extending out of the case.


The cases will be available with either a tek-lok (belts including duty belts) or a molle-lok (molle outer carriers).  The tek-lok can be mounted at 0, 45 or 90 degrees but does NOT swivel or rotate.


As with all of our pre-orders, any order containing a pre-order item (ie these RCB baton cases) will ship complete once the baton cases are ready to go out.  No partial shipments at this time.


RCB baton cases are ESTIMATED to begin shipping the week of 10/24/2022.


RCB Baton cases are available at the link below: