New Zero9 Single Mag Cases - Available Now!
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New Zero9 Single Mag Cases - Available Now!

Zero9 Single Mag Cases in 9mm/40cal Now Available

You've asked for a while now and here they are - single mag cases to cover what you need.  The Zero9 Single Mag Case is ambidextrous, compatible with most 9mm and 40cal double stack mags (Glock, Sig, S&W, FN, Walther) and mountable at multiple angles.  

The Zero9 Single Mag Cases have adjustable retention via our adjustable retention device on the side - each case comes with the device and an adjustment key to dial in your preferred retention.  The mag cases will work with the mag in either direction so you can get your beer can grip or a more traditional finger lead grip.

You can mount these to your vest (molle-lok) or duty belt (tek-lok) and they can be mounted at several angles to help with that speed draw.

Zero9 Single Mag Case mounted on vest at angle  Zero9 Single Mag Case mounted on belt at angle


The Zero9 Single Mag Case is designed with a finger cut on both sides to get a positive grip and a flared magwell to get the mag back in easily.

We know plainclothes and admin folks out there want a single mag/handuff case combo - these mag cases will allow you to mount one of the Zero9 Single Mag Cases next to a Zero9 Handcuff Case on your belt with ease.  Then - when you no longer need the set of cuffs but want to keep the reload - you can take the cuff case off and retain the single mag without needing a second or third case to do so.


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