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Mounting Double Mag Cases to AR Mag Cases

Making room on your belt/vest is important these days with the amount of gear needed.  Many departments have authorized patrol rifles and folks need a place to carry a spare mag.  We include the ability to mount your DMP to an AR mag case in order to save footprint.  If you want to do this, order the DMP with malice clips (base price level) and the AR with Tek-Lok for duty belt or malice clips for molle vests.  You can leave a note to seller prior to adding one of the items to your cart that you will be mounting them together and we can leave the attachments off so you can set it up how you want.


1. Mount the DMP to the AR mag case by holding the threaded post (female) inside the DMP:

2. Using a thin barrel Phillips head screwdriver, insert the screw through the AR case into the DMP (repeat times 4):

3. Once all 4 screws are holding the 2 cases together, hold a threaded post inside the AR mag case facing out the back and place a screw through the tek-lok (or malice clip) to affix the attachment (repeat times 4):