Cases for the new ASP Sentry Cuffs and the release of our Cuff Case Fillers
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Cases for the new ASP Sentry Cuffs and the release of our Cuff Case Fillers

We have 2 new products launching today!  New cases for the newest ASP cuffs - the ASP Sentry Cuffs (Model S100) and the Zero9 Cuff Case Fillers.

The ASP Sentry Cuff Cases are available here and ready to go in plain black and basketweave.  Our standard 6 colors will be ready for these cases late March/early April.  These cuff cases are only compatible with the new ASP Sentry Cuffs, no other brand/model is known to fit at this time.

Zero9 ASP Sentry Cuff Case


We have had requests for several years for a way to fill the mounting holes on the front of our solid color cuff cases.  The mounting holes are designed to allow for double cuff cases and the mounting of other Zero9 cases to the front of your cuff case (FOB cases, pistol mags etc).  That being said, some folks don't want to see the mounting holes. 

Our cuff case fillers are compatible with all of our cuff cases (ASP, ASP Sentry and Standard).  They are completely cosmetic and non-functional and as such they are not warranted against loss or damage.  We recommend a drop or two of super glue on the posts to make a better bond with the cuff case (you can also go to the extreme and use a dab of silicone adhesive between the cuff case and the filler).  These fillers will withstand most abuse however they can be removed with a strong direct pry attack.

The Zero9 Cuff Case Fillers are available here.

Zero9 Cuff Case Filler