Canadian Shipping Issues
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Canadian Shipping Issues

Canadian Customers!

*** UPDATE 10/5/2023 ***

Shipments to Canada have degraded so completely at this time that we have turned off shipping to Canada altogether.  We are getting feedback that Canada Post will "do an investigation" into your parcel after having been scanned as turned over to CP by USPS but refuse to acknowledge they received the package.   We would love to continue sending gear to our Canadian customers but with the extremely low success rate currently it is not feasible.  Make sure to check out the Dealer Locator linked below for our Canadian Dealers, we'll be adding more as we go and hope to have a better way to get deliveries through soon.

*** UPDATE - Canadian Dealers are being added to our DEALER LOCATOR - read on for further details ***

Transit times to Canada are significantly delayed right now for unknown reasons.  We're shipping all orders between 2 days and 1 week from order date however it has been taking up to 4 months to arrive to the recipient in Canada.

We've tried sanitized generic packaging and labels and we've tried full on retail packaging announcing the products are law enforcement related but have not seen a measurable difference in transit times.

We're told by some customers who reached out to Canada Post that the Canadian Border Authority is holding packages at the border for "further review."  We're not sure what triggers that but some folks have had success with calling Canada Post and asking that their package be moved along.

As with any package we send out, we do not have control over transit times.  Tracking is showing that packages are reaching the border and being turned over to Canadian authorities within a week of being shipped.  From there we're seeing delays of up to 4 months.

We're sitting at a 40% delivery rate for all Canadian packages shipped since February as of 4/23/2023.  So far, all packages except 1 have been delivered since December.  

All this being said, we are working with a distributor to sign up dealers in Canada to help alleviate this issue.  If you know of a local uniform store, please stop in and ask them to contact us about being a dealer so we can start getting ZERO9 gear into stores in Canada to avoid these transit times.