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APXNEXT Portable Radio Cases


Now available on the website HERE - we have cases for the APXNEXT with the short/standard battery (cases we've been offering for a few months) and now cases for the APXNEXT with the Extended battery (tall battery) that ALSO work with the short/standard battery through the use of a shelf inserted in the case.


The shelf comes installed in the case for transit - if you have the tall battery - remove the shelf and hold onto it somewhere safe in case you ever need to use the case with the short battery.


If you have the short battery but plan on getting the tall battery at some point down the road - order the APXNEXT Case (Extended Battery) HERE and keep the shelf in the case until you get the tall battery.


The shelf can be removed by pinching the 2 side tabs at the bottom of the case and dropping the shelf out from the top.  To reinsert the shelf - slide the shelf back into the case from the top and push down on it until the 2 side tabs click in place.

APXNEXT Shelf Release Tabs


If you've lost your shelf and need a replacement - they are available in the additional hardware and attachment listing HERE.


If you have the APXNEXT XE (Bright yellow - typically used by the fire services) please note your order to that effect and send us an email with your order number and the model you have so we can modify the case for the extended side buttons).